How Do You Find The Bus Routes In Gainesville Fl?

Can Google Maps show bus routes?

You can view bus or train departures from Google Maps. Note: Some transit stations show real-time departures while others show a schedule of departures.

What is the bus system in Gainesville called?

Gainesville Regional Transit System is the local area transit corporation that serves the Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida area, the University of Florida and Santa Fe College campuses.

Is there public transportation in Gainesville Florida?

RTS provides public transportation covering most of Gainesville with frequent stops on bus routes throughout campus. It is a free benefit of employment with a Gator1 Card. For route information, please visit A real-time GPS locator for buses is also available at

Are Gainesville buses free?

Fare. Riding the bus is free with a Gator1 ID or Santa Fe College student ID. Regular adult one way cash fare is $1.50.

How do I use Google Trip Planner?

How to Use Google Maps Trip Planner

  1. Make a New Google Map.
  2. Categorize Your Map.
  3. Add Your Ideas to the Google Map.
  4. Customize Your Map.
  5. Decide Which Activities to Group Together.
  6. Plan Your Day-by-Day Itinerary.
  7. Download Google Maps on Your Phone & Log In.
  8. Share Your Map with Friends and Travel Buddies.
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How much is a bus ticket?

Bus ticket prices vary by route and carrier, but the average price of a bus ticket on popular routes tends to be between $20 and $50. Of course, tickets can be much cheaper or much more expensive in certain cases.

Are UF busses free?

UF students, faculty and staff may ride RTS public transportation fare-free by presenting a Gator 1 card. RTS offers multiple bus routes on campus with service to every area of the University, as well as routes throughout the City of Gainesville.

How much does a bus pass cost in Florida?

Monthly Pass: Adult Pass – $58. Senior/Disabled – $29.

How do I use RTS bus?

Get Ready

  1. Get There Early: Plan to be at your bus stop five minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  2. Step Back: Stand back from the curb when the bus approaches.
  3. Take Your Time: Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and for the doors to open before you try to board.
  4. Get Comfy: Pay your fare.

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