How Much Time Do It Take To Get From Gainesville Florida To Fort Lauderdale Florida?

Is Gainesville close to Fort Lauderdale?

There are 278.02 miles from Fort Lauderdale to Gainesville in northwest direction and 310 miles (498.90 kilometers) by car, following the Florida’s Turnpike route. Fort Lauderdale and Gainesville are 4 hours 41 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

How do I get from Gainesville to Fort Lauderdale?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Gainesville and arriving at Fort Lauderdale. Services depart four times a week, and operate Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. The journey takes approximately 5h 35m.

Is it safe to vacation in Fort Lauderdale Florida?

Having (mostly) moved past the days of spring break debauchery, Fort Lauderdale is a relatively safe place to visit. But you still shouldn’t let your guard down. Vehicle burglary is quite common, so make sure to lock your car doors and close the windows all the way.

Is Fort Lauderdale a good place to live in Florida?

Fort Lauderdale is family-friendly A relatively safe place to live, find your fair share of family-friendly neighborhoods and homes as well as a highly ranked public school system.

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How long is Fort Lauderdale to Miami?

32 miles is a driving distance from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Beach. An estimated trip duration is 36 minutes.

How do I get from Jacksonville to Gainesville?

The quickest way to get from Jacksonville to Gainesville is to drive and fly and bus which costs $60 – $190 and takes 5h 13m. What is the distance between Jacksonville and Gainesville? The distance between Jacksonville and Gainesville is 304 miles. The road distance is 397.5 miles.

Does Red Coach have WiFi?

Not only we have the most comfortable seats ever, every one of our passengers has access to standard 110v power outlets right next to them and complimentary WiFi.

What are the bad areas of Fort Lauderdale?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Flagler Heights. Population 3,277. 195 %
  • Dorsey-Riverbend. Population 4,692. 156 %
  • Durrs Homeowners. Population 3,367. 152 %
  • Harbour Inlet. Population 339.
  • Colee Hammock. Population 918.
  • River Run. Population 730.
  • Lake Aire Palm View. Population 1,287.
  • Dillard Park. Population 1,290.

Is Fort Lauderdale safer than Miami?

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A new study has ranked Fort Lauderdale as the least safe city in America. WalletHub compared 182 cities across three key dimensions: 1) Home & Community Safety, 2) Natural-Disaster Risk, and 3) Financial Safety. For financial safety, Miami came in last place.

Is it safe to walk around Fort Lauderdale?

MUGGING RISK: MEDIUM. Unfortunately, armed robberies and attacks on tourists at Fort Lauderdale are not uncommon. Most often, they occur in parking lots or disadvantaged areas of the city. Try not to walk around the town alone late at night and do not shine with valuable things.

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What is a good salary in Fort Lauderdale?

The Average Income Per Year in Fort Lauderdale = $36,400 (Higher than the national average of $28,500.) The Median Household Income = $48,900 (U.S. national average = $53,500)

Is it expensive to live in Fort Lauderdale Florida?

Fort Lauderdale is the seventh-most-expensive city in Florida, and the cost of living is 37 percent higher than the national average, according to SalaryExpert. According to Zillow, the average listing price for homes is $495,000.

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