Question: How Many People Visit Sweetwater Preserve Gainesville?

How big is Sweetwater Wetlands Park?

Sweetwater Wetlands Park is a man-made wetland habitat of more than 125 acres. Shaped like the head of an alligator, the park has several miles of trails and is teeming with plants and animals. It was designed to improve water quality by filtering out pollution and nutrients.

Are dogs allowed at Sweetwater Wetlands?

No dogs, horses, bicycle riding, or fishing are allowed.

What kind of wetland is Paynes Prairie?

It’s difficult to overstate the benefits of Paynes Prairie’s large wetland. The mosaic of marsh, wet prairie and open water provides habitat for 430 vertebrate species and more than 800 different species of plants.

Who was Paynes Prairie named after?

In the late 1600s, Paynes Prairie was the home of La Chua, the largest cattle ranch in Spanish Florida. Two hundred years later, Seminole Indians occupied the area, and the prairie was named after Chief King Payne. The Seminoles were driven out after being defeated in the Second Seminole War.

Does Sweetwater have water?

A majority of the water delivered to Sweetwater Authority customers is obtained from the Sweetwater River. Together, Loveland and Sweetwater Reservoirs can store 17 billion gallons of water, enough to supply the customers of Sweetwater Authority for about 24 months.

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Where is Sweetwater wetlands located?

Sweetwater Wetlands is a constructed wetland located in Tucson between I-10 and the Santa Cruz River near Prince Road. Built in 1996, it is used to help treat secondary effluent and backwash from the reclaimed water treatment system at the now-closed Roger Road Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Is Paynes Prairie A sinkhole?

Payne’s Prairie Preserve The pathway takes you above the Alachua Sink, a sinkhole that’s essentially the prairie’s drainage system. When it’s filled with water, it’s a major gathering ground for alligators. You can often spot scores if not hundreds of the reptiles here.

Why is it called Paynes Prairie?

The town and the surrounding prairie was named for the Cowkeeper’s eldest surviving son, Payne. Paynes Town was destroyed by Tennessee Volunteers in 1813. Fort Tarver and Ford Crane were both located in Paynes Prairie during the Second Seminole War.

What animals are at Paynes Prairie?

Paynes Prairie is unique in many ways. Nowhere else in Florida can visitors experience wild-roaming bison and horses. Nearly 300 species of birds also frequent the park along with alligators, deer and many other animals.

Who owned Paynes Prairie?

Around 1637, Francisco Menéndez Márquez, the royal treasurer of Spanish Florida, established Rancho la Chúa in the vicinity of Paynes Prairie. It spanned 87 square miles and by the late 17th-century became the largest cattle ranch in the colony.

How many bison are in Paynes Prairie?

Ten bison from Oklahoma were introduced here in 1975 because the bison’s range once extended this far south. Today, there’s a herd of 50 to 70.

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How many alligators are in Paynes Prairie?

Today about 50 bison roam the prairie, but they remained elusive on our walk. As we retraced our steps on the trail, we counted 33 alligators.

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