Quick Answer: Where Can You Buy Headstones In Gainesville, Ga?

How much does a headstone cost in GA?

Our standard flat grave markers cost around $1,000, smaller garden memorials for home memorialization begin at 300, and upright headstones start at $1,200.

How much does it cost to buy a headstone?

The average cost of a standard flat headstone is around $1,000. But more detailed, upright headstones can cost between $1,000 and $3,000, as you’ll see with this granite headstone and another at a higher price point.

What is the cheapest headstone you can buy?

Flat grave markers are the cheapest option out of all headstone choices. On average, you can find flat grave markers starting anywhere from $200 to $400.

How much does a black granite headstone cost?

Single upright monuments prices start at $1,950.00 and double upright monument prices start at $2,500.00.

Can you pay for headstones monthly?

Payment options You can pay for your memorial headstone plan in full or spread payments over 6 or 12 months with no additional costs. You can pay a bigger deposit if you’d like to lower the monthly costs.

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Can you install a headstone yourself?

Yes, you can put your own headstone on a grave in almost areas in The States. The major factor if you are allowed to put and/or make your own headstone, would be the cemetery that you choose. Some cemeteries will allow any type of headstone, many don’t for aesthetics.

How much is a letter on a headstone?

Headstone lettering cost It costs around £1.95 per letter or character when added to a new memorial. Some stonemasons offer free lettering (up to 80 letters) with a headstone.

How much does it cost to put a picture on a headstone?

Depending on the shape and size you go with, a ceramic headstone photo could cost anywhere from $100 to $350.

Can you use vinegar to clean headstones?

Do not use any ammonia, vinegar, or lemon cleaners, as their acidic formulas will eat away at the granite’s surface! Soak a clean rag or cloth in the soapy water, allowing the cleaning fluid to permeate it. Then wipe the granite headstone thoroughly.

Is it cheaper to buy a headstone online?

It’s usually cheaper to purchase a gravestone online, though you’ll also need to account for any shipping fees. Variety: If you want a wider selection, it’s best to look online. You can find just about anything under the sun, and this makes it possible to really customize your headstone.

What is the average cost of a small headstone?

The average cost of a headstone in the United States is $1,000. This represents the cost of a simple, upright, granite headstone – including installation.

What is the difference between a tombstone and a headstone?

As nouns the difference between headstone and tombstone is that headstone is a gravestone, a grave marker: a monument traditionally made of stone placed at the head of a grave while tombstone is a headstone marking the person’s grave.

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What is the best granite for a headstone?

Remember when selecting a granite for an engraved work it is generally necessary to choose a dark or black granite. These granites are best for inscriptions and etching as they provide enough contrast for the design and the quality is fine enough to insure a legible engraving.

Where do black headstones come from?

Black granite can be found all over the world, but the primary locations of quarries are: Southern Africa, Scandinavia, Angola, Brazil, China, and India.

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