Readers ask: What Soils Are Loced In Depot Park Gainesville Fl?

When was Depot Park in Gainesville built?

Built in the 1860’s, the depot served Gainesville by means of the Florida Railroad, which connected the east and west coasts of the state to cut miles off cargo trips and provide a safer route for passengers.

How much did Depot Park cost?

In addition to the $13 million Gainesville Gas Company purchase, major expenditures included $28 million that GRU spent to remove contaminated soil and treat polluted groundwater, $12 million spent on arsenic cleanup and the excavation and construction of the stormwater ponds and their retaining walls; about $6 million

When did Depot Park open?

Depot Park is helping to lead the movement of transforming the City of Gainesville to ‘Citizen Centered, People Empowered. ‘ Since opening in August 2016, the park has hosted a large variety of programs and events aimed to engage all ages, ethnicities, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds.

How many acres is Depot Park?

While it may be too early to know the extent to which the park will impact growth and development patterns in the Depot Avenue/South Main Street area, you only have to visit on a typical weekend to understand that these 32 acres of ponds, trails, railroad-inspired themed playground, kids’ splash pad, picnic tables,

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Is Depot Park Water Park open?

We apologize for any inconvenience. The Depot Park open air lawns, trails, and play area are open daily.

Is the splash pad at Depot Park open?

Splash in the Blue Grotto With waterfalls, ground jets, water cannons and hidden fossils, the blue grotto is the perfect spot for children and adults to play. The children’s play area is open dawn to dusk. There is no charge to play at Depot Park. The splash pad will be running when it’s above 70 degrees.

How long is the Depot Park Trail?

Q: HOW LONG ARE THE TRAILS? A: The outer most trail is a picturesque 0.8-mile loop. Our trail connects to the Gainesville-Hawthorne Rail to Trail. The zero mile marker for the trail is at the intersection of paths near the Pop-a-Top General Store.

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